Project Description

Behin Kavosh Samin Company has started the construction of a ferrosilicon production plant with a production capacity of 80,000 tons per year (in two phases) on a 25-hectare land located in Ofogh Abhar Industrial Park, Zanjan Province. The company intends to produce this alloy with a chemical composition of 75% silicon, aiming to produce and export this product while complying with international standards and product diversification.

Environmental Considerations

The commitment and adherence of all the elements of this company to the protection of the environment and compliance with national and international environmental requirements and standards in all stages of this project are considered as inviolable principles for the implementation of this project and have always been at the forefront of all activities. It is worth mentioning that in this regard, obtaining environmental approvals and forming the main cores of the HSE unit at the headquarters and the site of the factory, as well as the use of the latest world-class environmentally friendly technologies, have been taken.

Project Benefits

  • Creation of the largest ferrosilicon production unit in the country
  • Direct employment for 600 people and indirect employment for at least 2,000 people in downstream industries
  • Growth and improvement of the region’s economic conditions through the employment of skilled local workers and upgrading of expertise and development of technical skills
  • Development of downstream industries including steel production industries and completion of the value chain


For the production of ferrosilicon, various processes based on reduction reactions are used, including the melting of iron scrap and silica with the help of electric energy along with reducing agents such as carbon.

This company intends to produce ferrosilicon with the highest quality in the global market by using electric arc furnace, high-quality raw materials, and precise quality control.


Ferrosilicon is an alloy that is used as a deoxidizer in steelmaking and silicon production. In addition, ferrosilicon is used in all plain carbon, low-alloy and high-alloy steels for this purpose.

One of the by-products of ferrosilicon production is microsilica powder, which is the result of collecting dust and gas particles by dedusting systems through a system of heat exchangers and filters before exiting the chimney. It is known by the trade name “microsilica”. This by-product has various applications in different industries. For example, it can be used as an additive in concrete to improve its mechanical properties.

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