Introduction of mining

Behin Kavosh Samin Company, by owning the 220-hectare Balvard Dolomite Mine located in Sirjan city, has started extracting and producing granulated dolomite to provide sustainable feedstock for the Sirjan Magnesium Production Plant.

This mine has a minimum of 40 million tons of proven dolomite reserves with a suitable MgO grade. Based on this, in addition to meeting the needs of the production plants of Behin Kavosh Samin, it is able to supply products with different gradations, high grade, and according to the needs of applicants in the requested tonnages and without limitation.

The commitment and adherence of all the elements of this company to the protection of the environment and compliance with national and international environmental requirements and standards in all stages of this project are considered inviolable principles for the implementation of this project and have always been at the forefront of all activities. It is worth mentioning that in this regard, obtaining environmental approvals and forming the main cores of the HSE unit at the headquarters and the site of the factory, as well as the use of the latest environmentally friendly technologies, have been taken.

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