Project Description

In order to conduct industry-oriented research with the aim of processing, transferring technical knowledge and technology, and using it to produce various ferroalloys in the country, the company will establish a research and studies center near the under-construction ferroalloy and magnesium ingot production plant in Ofogh Abhar Industrial Park.


Project Structure

The software structure of this center will be based on attracting young and educated elites and specialists from neighboring provinces.


Expected Impacts

It is hoped that the establishment of this center will accelerate the industrial development of Zanjan province in the field of mineral and metal processing industries. It is obvious that the technical specialties required for this center will include metallurgy, mining and other engineering fields.

The commitment and adherence of all the elements of this company to the protection of the environment and compliance with national and international environmental requirements and standards in all stages of this project are considered as inviolable principles for the implementation of this project and have always been at the forefront of all activities. It is worth mentioning that in this regard, obtaining environmental approvals and forming the main cores of the HSE unit at the headquarters and the site of the factory, as well as the use of the latest world-class environmentally friendly technologies, have been taken.

Project Benefits

  • Knowledge production through the creation of research and development platforms in the country’s industry
  • Creating a connection between university and industry and defining joint applied projects
  • Training human resources needed by knowledge-based companies with a focus on metals and ferroalloys
  • Creating the necessary platform for investment and entrepreneurship in metal and ferroalloy industries
  • Transfer of technical knowledge and localization of ferroalloy and metal processing industries in Iran
  • Attracting human resources including elites of the province and neighboring areas
  • Preventing the migration of specialists and elites

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