About us

Behin Kavash Samin Company was established with the aim of extracting, processing metallic and non-metallic minerals and producing all kinds of ferroalloys as well as magnesium and the downstream chain of these metals. In order to achieve the above goals, this company has acquired mines, extraction and construction of processing and production factories in the extreme points of the country.

The following are among the most prominent projects of this company:

  • Establishing a research and studies center for ferroalloys in Zanjan province
  • Ferroalloys production project and Abhar magnesium ingot production
  • Dolomite development and extraction project from Belward Sirjan mine
  • Sirjan magnesium ingot production project
  • Yazd Polymetal Nadushan Mine Development Project

Contact us

Phone: +989057286791

E-mail: Info@bkavosh.com

Address: No. 132, 2nd floor, intersection of Lavasani and Aghaei streets, West Farmaniyeh, Tehran

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